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RPC Delegate and Alternate Job Description

The job description for both the delegate and alternate are the same because the alternate must be able to substitute for the delegate, herein after referred to as delegate.


The primary responsibility of the delegate is to the Trail. The decisions of the delegates ultimately affect the Trail as a whole. Secondarily, they are specialists in the MidAtlantic region. Their decisions are tempered by but not dictated by the club that they represent. This is accomplished by consulting with their club, both bringing RPC ideas to the club and taking club ideas to the RPC.

The committee acts like a board of directors for the region. Thus its members have the responsibilities of a board member which include advising on the setting of policies, setting priorities and dealing with fiscal issues acting within the sideboards of ATC and NPS-ATPO policy, and the budget adopted by the ATC Board of Directors.Since a large part of the financial resources come from NPS though the 5 year planning cycle, it is the delegates responsibility to coordinate the timely submission of those needs.

Time Commitment

The minimal requirement is that at least one of the delegate and alternate be present at each of the two annual meetings. If neither can attend it is their responsibility to find a substitute. In addition, both should be spending about 10 hours per month on a continuous basis making forward progess on the issues before the committee. Some of this time should be spent consulting with their club.

Much of the time commitment needs to be spent using web and email connections. You must commit to reading and responding to email roughly once a week. If you don't have a computer at home, get a free email account and use your public library.

Skills and Interests

The delegate and alternate must bring at least several of the following skills and interests to the RPC. It is assumed that all will be familiar with the physical aspects of the Trail in at least their section. While existing skills are good, interest in learning new skills is also important.

The committee as a whole needs a balance of these skills and may need outside experts to cover missing area.