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The Mid-Atlantic Regional Partnership Committee is established by action of the Board of Managers of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). The purpose of the MARPC is to advise the ATC Regional Director, the region's Trail maintaining clubs, and the region's agencies, and to provide direct, two-way communication between the ATC regional office and the constituent clubs and agencies. The MARPC provides a formal structure for regularly scheduled meetings to facilitate collaborative planning, share experiences, and discuss common concerns among clubs, agencies and ATC staff. In addition, the MARPC will provide discussion forums for issues of Trailwide significance and provide input to the Stewardship Council, ATC committees, and the Board of Directors on those issues. As an advisory body the RPC will have no authority to set Conference policies or to control Trail maintaining club activities, but will be fully self-governing within the general guidelines for structure and function established by the Board.

Contact Us

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Mid-Atlantic Regional Office
4 East First Street
Boiling Springs, PA 17007-9601
Tel: 717.258.5771   |   FAX: 717.258.1442

Office x201, Karen x202, Bob x203, Michelle, x204



RPC Committee

Alt Delegate
NY-NJ Trail Conference Ron Rosen  

Walt Daniels (DP)
Dan Hoberman (NJ)

Wilmington Trail Club Debra Palermo Jane Beck
Batona Hiking Club Al Britton  Susan Charkes
AMC-Delaware Valley Chapter Dan Schwartz Bill Steinmetz
Philadelphia Trail Club Paul Schubert Dave Scheid
Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club Martyann Gutierrez Janice Reich
Allentown Hiking Club Anne Griffin Barb Wiemann
Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club Philip Day Karen Balaban
York Hiking Club Tom Morley Gwen Loose
Mountain Club of Maryland Michael O’Connor Rosie Suit
Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club Frank Bohn Dallas Owens
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Peter Brown Kerry Snow

Draft Job Description

Stewardship Council Delegates


Agency Partners

Mailing List/Forums

The mailling list is open to only those who are members or are included by invitation. The moderator for the list is Walt Daniels.


10/16/2004   Boiling Springs Brief organizational meeting   m041016
2/12/2005 10 am Boiling Springs* First meeting a050212

m050212 (draft)

m050212 (cleanup typos)

10/15/2005 9:30am-5pm Boiling Springs*

Second meeting (coffee and donuts at 9am)
Documents for Review



m051015 (draft-updated)
3/11/2006 9:30am-4pm Boiling Springs*   ag060311 m060311
11/11-12/2006   TOEC

Two day meeting plan on arriving Friday night. We will have breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Field trip to visit Bear Mt Project Sunday afternoon.

Documents for Review

Award nominations


ag061111 m061111
3/10/2007   Boiling Springs* Papers for meeting ag070310


Delegate Guidelines

Delegation Agreement

Property Information Form

11/10-11/2007   PATC Blackburn Trail Center, near Round Hill, VA.

Papers for meeting



3/8/2008   Boiling Springs* Papers for meeting ag080308 m080308 (second draft)
9/19-21/2008   Camp Mohican Papers for meeting ag080919 m080919
3/7/2009 9-5 Boiling Springs* Registration Form register by 2./6/2009    
10/23-25/2009   Bears Den Papers for meeting ag091025  
3/6/2010 9-5

GIANT Food Store, 2300 Linglestown Rd, Harrisburg, PA

Papers for meeting


* Unitarian Universalists Church of Cumberland Valley on 2 Forge Road, Boiling Springs.

The church is located across from the Uni-Mart and next to the B.S. High School. The entrance and parking is on Forge Road. Additional parking adjacent to the church is school parking. Since it is a Saturday, we can use this area as overflow parking. If you were leaving the Mid-Atlantic office on Rt. 174 headed south towards the Boiling Springs Tavern and the Getty Gas station, turn right onto Forge Road. The church is on the left (red brick building. The parking lot and entrance are to the right of the church.

Other Events


ADA Trail Accessibility

Cherry Valley (possible new National Wildlife Refuge)


Guns in Parks and Refuges

Land Use

Mega Transect

Wind energy

National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors (NIETC’s)

Pending Legislation


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