Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Committee
Spring Meeting: March 11, 2006
Boiling Springs, PA


0900-0930: coffee & donuts

0930: welcome & introductions

0945: approval of minutes

Regional Updates and Discussions

1000: ATC Staff ~ chain saw training, other training updates (Bob)
                             Mather side trail project (Karen)
                             Bear Mountain project (Karen, Michele)
                             Port Clinton update (Karen, Michele)

1030: ATPO ~       Education/Outreach updates (Rita)
                             5-Year Plan requirements, 2006 performance
                             (David, Karen)
                             Other updates (Rita, David)

1100: Stewardship Council ~
                             Upcoming Agenda (Kerry)
                             Wind Power Updates (Kerry)

1115: MARPC  ~   communication (Forums, etc.) and MARPC participation (Kerry)
                             Updates on other regional committees (Kerry)

1130: Clubs ~        National Trail Day plans (all club representatives)
                             Other club news (all club representatives)

1200: LUNCH

Subcommittee Updates and Discussions

          1300:  Education, Outreach, and Volunteer Development (Paul)
          1330:  Budget and Grants (Dan)

          1345: Handbook (Kerry)

          1400: Land Use and Corridor Mgmt (Ron)

          1415: Cultural and Natural Resources (Tede)

          1430: Trail Management (Hal)

          1445: Meetings (Kerry)

          1500: discussion of subcommittee structure

          1600: ADJOURN

          1700: happy hour & dinner at Scott Farm