Saturday, February 12, 2005- Boiling Springs, PA



10:00 –11:00             RPC members- review brief bios with group

                        When did you first become aware of the A. T.?

                        What has been your involvement with the Trail?


11:00 - 11:15             Why are you here?  What is your vision?


11:15-12:30            By-laws Discussion and Adoption


12:30- 1:00      Working Lunch get to know one another and encourage discussion about committee’s purpose.  What are your expectations for this committee?


1:00 – 3:00             What should the chair's responsibilities be?

                        What skills and attributes do we need in the chair?

                        What other officers do we need?

                        Who will take meeting minutes?

            How will meeting outcomes be disseminated to the clubs and partners? 

Do we need a communication plan?

                        What, if any involvement do we have with state agency partners

                        How do we engage agency partners?

                        What should RPC’s relationship be with state management committees?

                        Should there be subcommittees?  What should they be?

                        Do committee members represent their clubs or ATC members?

                        Committee members are required to maintain an ATC membership?

                        Goal –Joint meeting with ALL agency partners

How will we select/recommend two candidates for the Stewardship Council from 12 clubs?

3:15-Adjournment             Election of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary