To Delegates of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Partnership Committee- RPC
On Saturday, Oct. 16, the delegates to the RPC met briefly and discussed: how we should
 elect a chair, set responsibilities for the chair, define a decision making process and/or voting process, frequency and location of meetings, agenda topics, a communication process to the clubs and others, a charge for the committee and how to select candidates for the Stewardship Council.
Frank Bohn, CVATC will develop a charge for the committee.
Dan Schwartz will develop a plan for selecting candidates to the Stewardship Council.
Committee members are requested to e-mail a brief bio of their background to the committee.
The group determined that they were not prepared to make any other decisions until the next meeting of the committee.
In the interim, Thyra Sperry, Vice-Chair Mid-Atlantic Region, volunteered to temporarily chair the committee until the 2005 ATC conference. The committee members present agreed to this plan. Thyra agreed to set up the next meeting in Boiling Springs and to send out possible meeting dates.
We can begin with considering the following meeting dates which are all Saturdays unless members are available during the week. Please let me know your preferences.
Saturday, November 13
Saturday, January 15, 22, 29,
Saturday, February 5
Perhaps 10:00 A.M. to 4 P.M. may work for most members. Please respond if you have another idea.
I will arrange lunch.
The following is a list of the names and e-mails of the committee members. Some are the primary delegates and others are the alternates. I need the e-mail addresses of PATC members who will take office in January. They are Bruce Glendening, 2005 V.P. of Operations and alternate Lee Sheaffer V.P. of Volunteerism. Hop Long, would you send me this information?  Barb, Will you send me Hal Wright's e-mail-Thank you both.
RPC Committee:
NY/NJ    Ron Rosen    [email protected]    Alt. Walt Daniels [email protected]
Wilmington  Mike Kintner mailto:[email protected]    Alt. Bill Tinney    [email protected]
Batona  Al Britton  mailto:[email protected]        Alt. Mike Alper  [email protected]
AMC Del. Dan Schwartz [email protected] Alt.Bill Steinmetzmailto:[email protected]
Phil.Trail    George Racettemailto:[email protected]  Alt. to be determined
Blue Mt. Eagle Don Youngblood [email protected] Alt.Scott Birchman [email protected]
Allentown HC    Hal Wright                                Alt. Barb Wiemann [email protected]
Susquehanna Tom Scully [email protected]     Alt. Barb Harvey [email protected]
York Hiking Jim Hooper [email protected]    Alt. Tim Schmidt [email protected]
Mt.Club Md. Tede Fleming [email protected]  Alt. Paul Ives < [email protected]>
Cumber/V- Frank Bohn [email protected] Alt. Dallas Owens < damailto:[email protected]>mil
Potomac -<Hop Long [email protected]  Alt. Mickey McDermott [email protected]
Potomac 2005- Bruce Glendening                    Alt. Lee Sheaffer
Please respond as soon as possible or before Nov. 1.